English National Ballet Photography by ASH London
Amber and Arnaud are New Zealand born photographers based in London UK.

Amber Hunt and Arnaud Stephenson London photographers

N ew Zealand born photographers, Amber Hunt and Arnaud Stephenson, have made their home in London (as many kiwis do). Both have an extensive background in dance, albeit from very different perspectives.


I was exposed to photography from a very early age...

I was exposed to photography from a very early age helping my father out on location shoots and developing photos in the dark room where an image seemed to magically appear from nowhere.

A love of the arts led me to a career in ballet, enabling me to pursue my dreams... of becoming a ballerina and photographer. I am enjoying the unique experience of dancing with the English National Ballet, which has meant that my main photographic focus has been in the field of dance, but has since expanded to include events, weddings and baby photography. My passion is to capture moments in time; an enquiring look, a face filled with emotion, a split second leap across the stage.”

Amber Dower Hunt

My love of photography developed as a teenager...

My love of photography developed as a teenager. I shot, processed and printed black and white film while at school. A technician at heart I loved pushing the limits of what I could do photographically. This of course led me to light - the fundamental element to making photos. My love affair with photography was put on hold while I tried to get this fling with photons out of my system.

This fling has taken me on a 15 year journey working in stage and event lighting, mainly focused on dance. Returning to photography, I bring with me, the aesthetic that watching all that beautiful dance has imparted on me, and my understanding of that magical element, light.”

Arnaud Stephenson